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Whether it's the forgery of identities, travel documents or vaccination certificates: Document fraud is on the rise. Visible Digital Seals (VDS) protect your paper-based or digital documents and make them impossible for criminals to misuse.

A Visible Digital Seal (VDS) is a cryptographically signed data structure encoded in a two-dimensional barcode, usually a QR code. The code contains the essential information of the respective document as well as a digital signature that protects against data manipulation.

Visible Digital Seals (VDS) serve the purpose of ensuring the authenticity and integrity of documents in a cost-effective but secure manner using asymmetric cryptography.

Possible applications for VDS include travel documents, visitor badges, vaccination certificates or any other document whose authenticity and integrity need to be ensured.



As complex and secure as the technology behind Visible Digital Seal is, the way it works is simple, fast and cost-effective.

Unlike elaborate security solutions such as rfid chips, you can print Visible Digital Seals on your document to be protected within seconds using a regular printer of your choice. The code can then be easily and conveniently verified with any conventional smartphone anywhere in the world.

Easy and cheap to produce

Save time and production effort. VDS could be printed with any regular b/w printer.

100% Secure

Due to the underlying ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) signature it is impossible to falsify the data


Easily verifiable with any normal smartphone. No special hardware required.


Possible applications include travel documents, visitor badges or any other document whose authenticity and integrity need to be ensured. Typically, such a visible digital seal is created as a QR code or DataMatrix code.

Because the technology and structure is publicly described in so called "VDS profiles", it is possible that different parties (e.g. countries, organisations) will agree to mutually recognise and integrate these profiles into their existing processes.


Examples for VDS Profiles

● Arrival Attestation Document (Germany)
● Social Insurance Card
● Residence Permit Document
● ICAO Visa Document
● ICAO Emergency Travel
● ICAO VDS-NC (used in Australia's COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate) 

If you have the need for your own purpose VDS profile, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Code Scan App

The Code Scan App (iOS) from KURZ Digital Solutions can be used to read and verify visible digital seals in accordance with
- BSI TR-03137 specification
- ICAO TR "VDS for Non-Electronic Documents"
- ICAO Visible Digital Seals (“VDS-NC”) for Travel- Related Public Health Proofs
- and others


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